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  • Quarantine 2: Terminal

    Quarantine 2: Terminal


    This is much better than I was expecting. The script is nothing fancy, and sure, some of the dialogue is bad, but it's capably directed, and has real energy and some effective scares. I'm tempted to use the qualifier "DTV horror flick," but the more I think about QUARANTINE 2, the more I'm convinced it's genuinely good.

  • The Big Fix

    The Big Fix


    In the vein of Arthur Penn's NIGHT MOVES, but not quite as good. Dreyfuss is great as a former hippy turned reluctant private eye, but the tone is all over the place. Still, as an artifact of a movie that could only exist in the '70s, it's pretty damned enjoyable.

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  • Dead Heat

    Dead Heat


    Much of the humor borders on anti-comedy, which only adds to the charm. Every single character is batshit insane -- and I don't think that was the intent. DEAD HEAT is a glorious mess.