Hustlers ★★★★★

Hustlers is a crime drama inspired by the viral New York Magazine article and follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

I just want to start this review off by highlighting the fact that this movie has a 6.6 on IMDb. If that rating stays like that for much longer, this might just be the most criminally underrated movie of this year so far. Hustlers is simply magnificent in every way possible. This movie takes a very intriguing true story and creates a movie that takes you on a fast rollercoaster of emotions. The first act is so damn fun and camp providing entertaining scene after entertaining scene to captivate the audience within these characters’ lives. The second act takes a bit of a turn, remaining fun whilst delving deeper into more serious matters. The third act is so damn dark to the point it’s jarring in the best way possible; it’s what makes this such a hard hitting movie. It deals with modern day issues head on whilst focusing on issues from the late 2000s and early 2010s. It’s by far one of the most important movies of this year so far. 

There’s not a single bad performance to be found within this movie. Whilst she isn’t exactly known for her incredible acting skills, believe me when I say this, Jennifer Lopez is phenomenal in this movie as Ramona. Lopez puts so much into this role and delivers a performance that is so damn believable to the point you’ll be completely invested in her character throughout. The way she and Constance Wu bound off one another throughout is something special thanks to the incredible chemistry they share. Wu plays lead character Destiny and provides a performance just as good as the one provided by Lopez. Destiny is a character who’s easy to sympathise with due to the hard life she’s living so when Ramona suggests the plan that would be the centre of this movie, it only makes sense that she would jump at this opportunity to make her life better. 

This movie asks the audience one important question, did the so called victims deserve what they got? My answer to this question is partially yes and partially no. Cinematically talking of course, I’m not saying the real life crime side of things was okay. Some of the characters who the girls hustle in this movie are just absolute slimeballs who are immediately unlikeable but then you get characters like Doug, played by Steven Boyer, who perhaps didn’t deserve such a harsh crime. It’s enough to constantly keep the audience thinking and questioning the morales and actions of the main characters. The dance sequences in this movie are so well choreographed and just look stunning which poses another question; how on earth is Lopez 50 years old?! The cinematography is just amazing. This movie looks absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. It’s so stylish and has some of the best editing choices from a movie released this year. The soundtrack is brilliant, making the audience fully aware of the year each sequence is set in by playing songs that were instantly recognisable from those years.

Overall, Hustlers is a phenomenal piece of modern filmmaking that is so much better than it had any right to be. This movie is home to a captivating story that is only made all the more interesting thanks to the flawless acting, beautiful cinematography and fantastic soundtrack. Don’t let anyone put you off seeing this movie, it’s one of the best movies of the year and has to be seen to fully appreciate just how good it is.

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