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This review may contain spoilers.

I want to love this movie more than I do, but I just can not get over how problematic the age gap is in this thing. If it had been a consistent theme in this film about the chasing of a Hollywood dream, of the illusion of victory in LA and the struggle to retain any sort of personal connection in the fabrication of the beautiful facade that was Hollywood, then I could live with thing. It just doesn't pan out that way though, so the "will they won't they" just ends up being completely revolting once you know the answer is simply "Yeah, they have to, because it's a movie and we need a happy ending."

I understand PTA's desire to not sanitize the past, of wanting to show a more honest picture of a time period where women were sexualized even by young boys. Where racial slurs and homophobia were rampant and normalized. That still doesn't change the fact though that their were people opposed to those problems and that you can still be critical of these things while showing that they happened.... For a better example, just look at how Tarantino (of all people) handle's this same problem in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.