Red Rocket

Red Rocket ★★★★★

Definitive filmmaking right here. Truly unhinged, trailer trash art. A character study of grand proportions with razor sharp filmmaking. Never has the desolate, barren landscapes of Texas look so candy colored and gaudy.

Donald Trump's America literally flashes on a CRT TV screen with the most saturated, vibrantly obnoxious colors I've ever witnessed. His skin isn't just a shade of orange, it's Crayola. The middle class white American has ruined their community, has reached a sense of entitlement and self destruction achieved at only levels that can only be portrayed through the lens of the darkest, most tasteless farce. Yet it's treated with a objectivity and creative vision that fires on all cylinders. Making its wacko lead character a god damn greek tragedy.

He's a big dicked sisyphus of entitled chaos, pedophilia and complete abject failure.