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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    PTA reaffirms himself as the preeminent film maker working today with this complex, challenging and gripping mystery-romance. Utilizing masterful performances from DDL, Lesley Manville and standout newcomer Vicky Krieps, he somehow makes a relationship between a painfully meticulous fashion designer and sweet young waitress into something so much more.

    A study on love, control and power, among many other things, Phantom Thread is filled with beauty, tension and humour, a completely absorbing film that demands the audience's full attention and consideration and challenges them in a way only PTA can.

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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    Guillermo del Toro's latest venture into adult fairy tales results in one of the most engaging, fascinating and lovely films of recent years. Headed by a magnificent Sally Hawkins, del Toro puts an amazing cast to perfect use. With memorable characters and scenarios, The Shape of Water effortlessly draws you into a world filled with darkness and loneliness, by showing that there is hope if you show just a little bit of courage.

    I'm struggling to talk about this one, but I've written a little more here:

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  • Whiplash



    I don't think I've ever had an experience in the cinema like the one I had with Whiplash. I sweated, I chewed all my fingernails off and when it finished I found it hard to walk out due to constantly straining all my muscles! This is an exercise in sustained tension the likes you would never expect to find in a film about music.

    The craft on hand in Whiplash is of the highest order. Damien Chazelle is a hugely…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    David Fincher doing a movie about psychopaths; probably one of the most strangely successful tags you could put to a film. Fincher's slick style and technical ability just seems to lend itself to producing thoroughly absorbing and involving films featuring the most nightmarish of people and plots.

    I do have to say I thought Gone Girl dragged a bit towards the end. I couldn't figure out how it would end and then it seemed like it never would! But I…