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  • Mogambo



    Really good fun; possibly the most relaxed, down-to-earth film John Ford was capable of making. Hollywood was big on putting their stars in jungles and on savannah's in the 50's, and the contrast of beauty and charisma in the rough, rugged wild generally works quite well. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming Jungle Cruise plays, as it's really not something we've had an appetite for since the Golden Age.

    Going toe-to-toe with an aging (yet still formidable)…

  • Poetry



    What a brilliantly executed script, culminating in one of the finest final sequences in film. And what a performance from Yoon Jeong-hee. Masterful stuff.

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  • Whiplash



    I don't think I've ever had an experience in the cinema like the one I had with Whiplash. I sweated, I chewed all my fingernails off and when it finished I found it hard to walk out due to constantly straining all my muscles! This is an exercise in sustained tension the likes you would never expect to find in a film about music.

    The craft on hand in Whiplash is of the highest order. Damien Chazelle is a hugely…

  • Our Little Sister

    Our Little Sister


    Sometimes you don't need violence, or sex, or any forced plot point at all, to produce conflict and drama in a story. Hirokazu Koreeda is proof that the everyday going-ons in the lives of regular people are more than enough fuel to create an enjoyable and eminently watchable film with more than enough happening to keep the viewer interested.

    That being said, his work isn't for everyone. The pacing here is languid, even for him, and there is even less…