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  • Necropolis



    Pretty dull movie, but 6 tits? 2 bonus stars for that. Worth checking out!

  • The 13th Friday

    The 13th Friday


    Literally might be the worst horror flick ever made. Truly painful to the senses. I dare anyone to watch it just to see if you can make it through. Ughh.

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  • Killing Spree

    Killing Spree


    Ever feel like a movie is made specifically for you? Even when it was made before you were born..?

    Maybe I'm just fucked.

  • 1922



    Hauntingly beautiful. I don't know how many times we've seen the whole 'Tell-Tale Heart' storyline played out but holy cow, this one is gonna stick with me (no pun intended). Great ripple effect film. Loved the rats, loved Thomas Jane's accent, loved the setting, and LOVED the music. PATTON IS GOD.