Superhost ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Had this on while cleaning the office - I mostly watched it, but not 100% dedicated to the screen.

The plot of the movie isn't anything new, but I think the execution is enjoyable enough. Two YouTubers who are dating are trying to build their channel up (awfully familiar...) and Teddy, the dude, plans to propose to Claire during their latest outing to an AirBnB, which is what they review on their channel.

The two lead protagonists are fine. The acting, and the movie itself, feels a *little* amateurish but nothing distracting or awful. I thought they nailed the vlogger persona really well, and in a believable way - not in a farcical over-the-top way like that one kid in Spree. I actually thought their videos were halfway decent, if I was into that type of content. The characters themselves aren't easy to root for - Teddy is a sad sack and Claire is vapid, focused solely on views and subscribers. It was also hard to buy that they were in a relationship. I know the point was that Claire was more invested in their channel than the relationship, but the way it's acted out it makes Teddy seem completely delusional for believing that she's into him at all. She never has a tender moment towards him until it's way too late into the movie.

Barbara Crampton pops up in a small role and is always good to see. The lead villain played by Grace Phipps is your standard "crazy lady" killer, but she plays her with glee - I like when she grabs the camera near the end and adopts an influencer persona. SPOILER ALERT FOR THE END - Claire's death was super sudden and actually made me exclaim aloud. Then Rebecca succeeded in killing Teddy, too, which was kind of a bummer even if they were kinda shitty people. I didn't want Rebecca to win and when she found the video that Claire posted, I was excited for her downfall. But then it turns out that Claire's ways screwed them over in the end, with their audience thinking it was all for show, and that brought everything back for me. They were bested by their own relentless quest for views. And look at that, the villain won. I know some people want to see that happen more often.

Overall, it's like a much more grounded Spree. Done well with what I can only presume was a small budget. Solid outting for Shudder and director Brandon Christensen.