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  • The Amityville Horror

    The Amityville Horror


    The Amityville Horror 2005 is a decent remake but there’s a little too much of the typical 00’s ghost stuff and the pace is a little too rushed, everything happens right away and after 80 minutes it’s over. I like Reynolds but he feels a little miscast in this one. George and Moretz are good as always though and it’s a shame that the career of George haven’t gone anywhere, she’s made a bunch of top notch movies some years ago. 

    The remake of The Amityville Horror is the 8th Amityville movie I’ve watched this month and maybe that’s one too many in a row...

  • Joker



    All the good things that have been said about Joker is true. Laughter really is a different kind of pain...

    Still, not one of my favourite movies of the year.

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  • In the Mouth of Madness

    In the Mouth of Madness


    Insurance investigator John Trent is hired to find the best selling horror author Sutter Cane after he dissapears without a trace with his latest, eagerly awaited book, In the Mouth of Madness in his possession.

    "Cane's writing has been known to have an effect on his less stable readers."

    John Carpenter's Lovecraftian tale is a fantastic creation. The theme of the power of the written word and how a dark alternative reality is out there is fascinating stuff, a great…

  • Eden Lake

    Eden Lake


    My wife has two all-time favorite movies. One of them is Gone with the Wind, the other one is Eden Lake. Today we revisited it on blu-ray for the first time. It's a punch in the face, a harsh and violent nightmare and one of the most effective thrillers of recent years! British-white-trash-surburban-forest-survival-horror at it's finest! Truly disturbing.

    I never thought about it before but Eden Lake is almost The Last House on the Left in reverse.