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  • I Bury the Living

    I Bury the Living


    Bob takes over the management over the Immortal Hills cemetery. He's not very happy about it and after a while he realise that by putting a simple pin in the cemetery map he can bury the living...

    I Bury the Living is a charming but at the same time quite serious creation in the same vein as the Twilight Zone. The story is as simple as it is great. It's one of those movies I know I will revisit from time to time in the future. That's a good grade!

  • Absentia



    It's been seven years since Tricia's husband Daniel dissappeared but the grief and hope of finding him alive still haunts her mind. Now she's pregnant and her sister Callie comes to visit to help her pack for a new home. Tricia begins to experience terrifying hallucinations, and everything seems to be linked to a mysterious tunnel nearby. And one day, Daniel comes home again...

    Absentia is a slowburner. A psychological horror drama about loss and starting over with some very…

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  • Kingdom of the Spiders

    Kingdom of the Spiders


    Kingdom of the Spiders is one of my all-time favorite creature features and I keep returning to it time after time. This is the second time I watch it this year and the first time on blu-ray thanks to Code Red. Great release, great movie! I love it!

  • In the Mouth of Madness

    In the Mouth of Madness


    Insurance investigator John Trent is hired to find the best selling horror author Sutter Cane after he dissapears without a trace with his latest, eagerly awaited book, In the Mouth of Madness in his possession.

    "Cane's writing has been known to have an effect on his less stable readers."

    John Carpenter's Lovecraftian tale is a fantastic creation. The theme of the power of the written word and how a dark alternative reality is out there is fascinating stuff, a great…