The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★★

Stefano arrives at a small village in Italy to restore a religious painting at the local church to draw more tourists to the village. It doesn't take long before he recives threatening phonecalls and the townsfolks are acting more and more strange...

The House With Laughing Windows is not your typical giallo, I don't even know if I would categorise it as one. It's more of a dark and moody mystery, without the black gloves, naked women and violent murders. There's hardly any blood and the murders are few but the desolated village, the old houses, the paintings, the rural surroundings and the strange characters creates a wonderful atmosphere. The House With Laughing Windows (what a great title!) is like a long collection of strangely put together scenes, one scene ends abruptly and another one continues but they're all connected in the end in this rather slow but never boring gem of italian cinema. The tormented painter Legnani, obsessed with death and agony is a great ingredient and I wouldn't mind to own one of those morbid paintings of his.

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