The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★

"We're the kids in America, whoa"

I wasn't blown away when I saw (and rewatched) The Strangers, I thought it was good but there are far more superior additions to the home invasion genre out there. But when an unexpected sequel showed up I just couldn't stay away.

The Strangers: Pray at Night is directed by Johannes Roberts and I liked both his monster flick Storage 24 and his shark movie 47 Meters Down so I was pretty excited about his new one. The set-up is pretty much the same but the home is not a house this time around but a trailer park which leaves more room for surprises and places to hide and this time it's more survival horror/slasher than home invasion. The Strangers 2 is actually quite atmospheric with it's fog drenched surroundings in a deserted trailer park with a great score and 80's soundtrack and a really good cast. The build-up is well done and when things starts to go bad they go bad fast and it's quite violent at times. The Strangers 2 is a really good sequel with some cool nods to some horror classics, more entertaining than the first one and that pool sequence is outstanding! The Strangers 2 is one of the best surprises this year!

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