Dunkirk ★★★½

Disclaimer: this movie may not be able to live up to the lofty expectations brought on by scores of 90+ on Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB, but that's the problem with expectations. If your expectations are too high, the film will seem a perpetual disappointment. If your expectations are too low, you probably won't see the film at all. So, how do you cope in a world in which film is basically dictated by reviews (in addition to sales)? My advice is to go into Dunkirk blind. Don't read any reviews, don't watch any trailers, don't even read the fucking plot synopsis that comes up when you Google the film. When seeing this film, the less you know about the actual historical event which Dunkirk chronicles the better. Christopher Nolan has designed and directed a film that feels removed from the cinema-scape of today. It opens and closes the curtains itself, actually benefiting from receiving no introduction and being given no easy answers in the end. To research what happened at Dunkirk all those years ago in preparation of seeing this film would certainly strip away part of the grandeur which is so integral to its makeup.

Trust me on this one, don't make the same mistake I did. Go to the 70mm IMAX screening so you can enjoy the screeching, slithering Hans Zimmer score, and the gorgeous, constantly panning shots of beaches, steel, clouds, and water to the absolute fullest. Utilize your favorite movie drug of choice in order to really feel the permeating, suffocating sense of doom that never departs until the final 10 minutes, and the high velocity emotions of a footsoldier waiting to be slaughtered as if you were stationed in Dunkirk, yourself.

This is a film that does all the talking for itself, so let it be your first, thrilling peek into the tale of Dunkirk. You won't be disappointed.

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