Good Time

Good Time ★★★

Well people of Letterboxd, I have made yet another decent film the victim of my sometimes insane levels of hype. I've been looking forward to seeing the Safdie bros. latest outing for what has felt like a year and some change, much longer than I usually spend anticipating any movie not called Phantom Thread. Good Time is exactly what the name states, but I'll be damned if all the trailers I saw didn't make it look like a great one. Is that weird filter they placed on the trailers to make everything look so vivid even present within the film? I was waiting for that the whole time and it never came, immensely disappointing considering it was one of the first things about the trailers to catch my eye. The other main detracting factor of the movie for me was the juxtaposition between the fast-paced and anxious nature of most scenes in the film and the absolutely snail-like pace of the plot. Robert Pattinson and the characters surrounding him go through so much unbelievable, adrenaline-pumping shit over the course of Good Time's relatively short length, but the film still manages to drag and feel redundant by the final act due to NONE of these events actually doing anything to move the plot forward. By the end, it's as if Robert Pattinson's Connie Nikas has completely forgotten about his brother and his original breakout plan the entire first half of the film spends building towards. Ya know, now that I think about it, I'm sure that is exactly what the directors meant to do with Pattinson's character in order to subtly and gradually reveal his true motives and ambitions and by the end show he's not actually as concerned about his brother as he acts in the beginning. Sounds like a pretty interesting idea, I just wish it was as interesting to watch. Electronic wunderkind Oneohtrix Point Never provides such a tense and atmospheric soundtrack that the music actually becomes overbearing and annoying sometimes, and other times just does not fit what is happening on screen.

OK, I definitely talked a little too much shit about this movie. It was not all bad. The acting is pretty good (especially Pattinson and Safdie), there are some gorgeous shots, and when the soundtrack and on-screen action actually mesh they complement each other to make some of the most thrilling scenes of any movie I saw last year.

I just really need to stop watching trailers.

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