Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Alright, after my second watch I can confidently claim to "get it" now. Chronologically, the story starts when the Cowboy revives the obsessive, neurotic Diane. Everything from that point to the end is reality. The whole first segment of the film takes place in Diane's mind after hiring the scruffy blonde guy to kill her lover Camila, and is a simple reimagining of her own life in Hollywood in which she is far more successful in her acting career and her love life as a woman named Betty.

Not so hard to understand, it seems. Just initially very dense.

I love how Lynch seemingly repurposes every detail of what we see of Diane's reality, no matter how trivial, within the opening dream sequence. It really shows the subjectivity of every aspect of life, the different ways different people respond to the same thing; the difference between what we say, what we think, what we feel, and how exactly we manipulate our individual perceptions of reality, and our actions to best fit the image we have of ourselves. Everything is so dramatized and fractured because of the beginning taking place in a dream that it's easy to miss the nearly straightforward explanations for basically every mismatched and misplaced aspect of Diane's dream life as Betty from Diane's reality presented in the second half. If any of this sounds dumb, you try actually discussing this movie. It's kinda fucking hard.

GOAT film, though

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