Hard to imagine a more perfect casting choice than John Dall as Brandon in this movie. 

The way he exhales with excitement and deranged fulfilment when he closes the door after the guests to his deadly banquet have left and things have apparently gone according to his disturbing little plan... The way he moves around that apartment like its his stage, controlling the people around him like they’re just actors in a play, smiling diabolically all the way through... and then the way his demeanor changes when James Stewart’s Rupert returns to the apartment... being able to watch the whole façade crumble is endlessly fascinating—more so because of those magnificent camera movements and some perfect blocking. 

I mean I really do love an awful lot of things about this movie (hello Farley Granger!) but dammit John Dall... you with your devilish smile and clean cut good looks, still waters run deep and all that plus some good old psycopathic charm... beaaaautiful casting and wonderful performance that keeps on giving. Wish I had something more interesting to say but on this second watch I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of him—and now I have an itch to watch Gun Crazy again.

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