man, i’m so over movies that think they’re clever when they’re really not. this movie has absolutely no substance, the characters are barebones and some of the performances are laughable and border on camp (no fault of the actors themselves, as they’re all brilliant in other things), it pretends to set itself up as ‘different’ time travel but ultimately doesn’t fulfill much on that premise and ends up falling to the same old cliches, which can be okay, but the movie treats them as if they weren’t so. 

it’s baffling how a movie that goes at such a breakneck speed can also have so little actual substance. it’s just dull. sure, it looks nice, but honestly it doesn’t even look THAT nice. zero emotional connection to anyone or anything, and the main ‘love interest’ was so genetically written and treated with such disdain that it made me feel gross, and not for the reason the movie wants you to think. 

‘mission accomplished’ I laughed out loud, the ending to this solidified how little I cared for it overall. 

the most frustrating part is that this COULD have been properly good, but it just fumbles so badly on so many parts of the actual execution.

also music go BWAAAAAA

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