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  • Masked Ward

    Masked Ward


    A bit prolonged but a solid thriller with nice twists throughout the third act.

  • Dororo




    The eye icon lighting up after rating this felt odd. (Watch this to know why)

    Not a movie but 24 episodes spread out in 20 minute chunks. Great story, likeable protagonists, and strong action sequences. There are a couple episodes in the second half that are a bit uneven but overall highly recommended!

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  • One Cut of the Dead Spin-Off: In Hollywood

    One Cut of the Dead Spin-Off: In Hollywood


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Boring, dumb, and proof that sometimes you're best off leaving the original movie alone on it's own.

    This is a (very short) sequel to the fantastic 2017 Japanese horror-comedy One Cut of the Dead. The formula for this sequel is the same -- a long continuous sequence from a B-movie to start, followed by a behind-the-scenes style story that shows all the silly and unexpected stuff that happened leading up to the filming of the movie and the concluding with…

  • 21 Bridges

    21 Bridges


    Starts off as a gripping cat and mouse thriller that devolves in the third act into the oft-used good cop vs. crooked cops motif. Chadwick Boseman gives a strong, even-keeled performance while Sienna Miller and J.K. Simmons add good supporting performances.