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  • Opera



    A psychedelic Tower of Babel and Ship of Fools for our time. This ingenious work of art deserves to be seen on the largest screen available.

  • Martyr



    This is one of the most profoundly sad movies about tragedy and grief I've ever seen, but it's also quite beautiful in its measured contemporary style. The male friendships and the thoughtfully sensuous manner in which they're photographed are quite homoerotic without being literally homosexual. As an American I found this to be surprising, given the setting's Islamic religious traditions and social customs.But that may have more to do with my own preconceptions than the realities of life in modern…

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  • Wings of Desire

    Wings of Desire


    Not since my first viewing of "Mulholland Drive" have I felt so deeply moved and affected by a film without completely understanding why in an intellectual sense. While I could easily discuss at length what's wonderful and astounding and surprising about this beautifully humane film, I feel I'll need to see it at least one more time to better assimilate and process the many philosophical inquiries it prompts. Or maybe it's better to simply be at peace with the purity…

  • Mamma Roma

    Mamma Roma


    I've long loved Pasolini and have seen almost all of his films, but none other has affected me as emotionally as Mamma Roma. I had to stop the film a few times to maintain composure and collect my thoughts. At one point in the film Mamma says that people are responsible for what happens to them, but the fact is that circumstance and fate never really gave her or her previously estranged son Ettore a chance to get ahead. I…