Hereditary ★★


This review may be biased because I had one of the worst moviegoing experiences. 

If you do decide to see this movie, and if you see three 12 year old girls sit next to you, run. 

I really wanted to give this movie a chance. The trailers freaked me out, Ann dowd and Toni Collette are phenomenal actors. Alex wolf was in the naked brothers band but I didn’t hold that against him.

From the getgo, these girls were giggling. Then some other people were having side conversations. I was first.

What started out promising turned into a mess. Some of the dialogue was actually laughable. Was it the writing, or the delivery? It was a mixed bag. The characters were unlikeable and underdeveloped; in the end I didn’t care for them at all. The pacing was bad and clunky.

Some haunting imagery for sure. Old naked people are always a scary sight. 

There was some interesting camerawork, ill give it that.

Anyways, the girls in the theater said it was the scariest thing theyve ever seen. I hope it haunts them for a while. Thatll show them.

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