As Above, So Below ★★

The only reason why I bothered to even see the film is because of the catacombs, and if it weren't for that, I wouldn't be writing this review. Let me start off by saying, that it wasn't all that great. It was a handheld camera film, and like all handcam movies, it is accompanied by dizzyness, quick cuts, and, as it takes place in the catacombs, a sense of claustrophobia. The handheld genre is also used to the most cliched extent, with jump scares being the go-to method of terrifying the audience. The plot also made no sense, and things just happened randomly, though at the same time, everything happened according to a formula that has been tried and true many times before. The acting was fine, and these relatively unknown cast members did a decent job for this kind of movie. I did like some of the events that built up the tension in the film, and some jump scares were still kind of satisfying. For a handheld film, it had some good practical effects, as well. I just thought I wasn't sold on the plot, leaving behind a movie that didn't have much to offer other than a couple decent scares at most and some cool effects. I thought the movie could have been so much more.