Kingsman: The Secret Service ★★★★½

Fantastic movie, probably the most satisfying movie of the year (I know, the year is still young...).

Enjoyed the top-notch cast, Colin Firth was amazing in his role, as well as Taron Egerton as Eggsie. The rest were pretty decent too.

The movie had just the right amount of action, comedy, and dramatic moments as to not grow tired and bloated. The story was average, but the way it was executed was solid and stylish--I mean, the point of the movie was to be as cliche as possible but injecting some good modern twist into it.

The score by Henry Jackman reminded me of Hans Zimmer--a consistent, overpowering soundtrack that was pretty much present the whole movie. I liked it.

Overall great movie, and as always, "manners maketh man."