The Apparition ½

By far one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen. It took so many horror cliches from other movies, yet I felt director Todd Lincoln didn't even try to make an interesting movie about it. It was just a typical ghost haunting movie that didn't even set the defined rules of what the ghost/antagonist could do. The acting was meh; probably because the writing was terrible. Why the heck is Tom Felton in this movie? He could've done better in another film that wasn't so bad. The real horror to this movie was incorrectly counting the number of seconds at which a jump scare would pop out. There was no true build-up or tension or atmosphere, just cheap scares and horror tropes that I could not refrain from cringing. The movie just turned out to be dull, boring, and unsatisfying altogether. Overall, this abomination of a movie should be forgotten, because this is an embarrassment to the horror genre.