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  • Forget Me Not
  • Five Year Diary, Reel 23: A Breakdown (and) After the Mental Hospital (September 1–December 13, 1982)
  • Ek Duuje Ke Liye
  • News from Home

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    (i’ve been wanting to write a piece on bala and the role his filmography serves as a microcosm of the ideological displacement of a significant portion of popular tamil cinema during the aughts since i was introduced to his work through naan kadavul but i figured it would perhaps be worth waiting until i reached a greater level of familiarity w tamil cinema and its history as a collective whole before doing so. now that i’ve achieved that to some…

  • Kaalia


    angry young man amitabh except it’s me when i’m reading a letterboxd review and someone drops the term “liminal space” or “temporality”

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  • Devil


    best Among Us funny moments compilation #7

  • Band Baaja Baaraat

    Band Baaja Baaraat


    this is difficult to articulate, but i feel like it’s only fitting that i try my best considering all that he’s done for me. i could not possibly condense everything i have to say into a single review so i’ll talk about one thing in particular.

    the letterboxd community is a strange one, bc i’ve always felt like it’s maybe a bit more... cliquish than people realize. and a large part of that is understandable, given how so many subsections…