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  • 12 Directors for 12 Cities

    12 Directors for 12 Cities

    Roma ‘90 segment by Antonioni. Viewed at BAMPFA.

  • Lancelot of the Lake

    Lancelot of the Lake

    Non-canonical Bresson that somehow managed to interest and evoke a stronger response in me than did some of Bresson's other, better-known work. Stark and violent, the first and last couple minutes containing some gruesome death scenes that are uncharacteristic for a Bresson film, but strangely fitting for an unsentimental take on Arthurian legend. Near-pristine 35mm print screened at BAMPFA.

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  • Spring Night, Summer Night

    Spring Night, Summer Night


    35mm screening at Berkeley Pacific Film Archive. This film is currently being shown as part of UCLA's festival of preservation. Incredible to think of what could have been if this film wasn't bumped out of NYFF in favor of Cassavetes's Faces, and in turn butchered into the exploitation film version, Miss Jessica is Pregnant. Even more incredible to know that this film's production began in 1963 and was completed over the course of a couple years after that; it's such…

  • Arrival



    This film takes on an interesting dimension having watched it so soon after the U.S. election cycle has ended. It's nice to see a film whose primary message is one of unification, but this is compounded by one glaring problem: every other country's government is seen as irrational and trigger-happy except for the U.S. government. There is one particular scene in the film which counters that assessment, but even so, it only makes the film more ideologically confused. Also, I…