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  • The Killer

    The Killer


    Score : 8.2/10 ✅

    Stick to your plan. Anticipate. Don’t improvise. Trust no one.

    Cold, calculated, careful, methodical, and embryonic by design. The Killer devotes all its energy to a well-ordered assassin who happens to be very good at the art of making himself (and others) disappear. Or in this particular case, who’s too sure of himself to realize that he’s breaking his own rules, over and over again. The small mistakes he keeps making are what make The Killer

  • Red Rooms

    Red Rooms


    Score : 9.8/10 ✅

    Simultaneously the best opening and final frame of 2023. Uncompromisingly terrifying. There’s a particular scene that will haunt my wildest nightmares for a long time.

    A dramatic soundtrack that convulses our inner sense and unfortified fragility. Rarely did something challenge me like this. I can’t seem to find it anywhere at the moment but believe me, the opening score is hauntingly dreadful. Right from the first frame (and keynote) I knew this film was unafraid to…

Recent reviews

  • Ballerina



    Score : 6/10 ✅

    Good, but I’m also slightly disappointed.

    This is well-shot, the soundtrack is very good and the movie provides a ‘Neon-Noir’ vibes, a la John Wick, so in terms of visual-auditory experience, this is more than sufficient.

    But the story is…meh?

    It offers very cool choreographed action scenes but the same can’t be said about the revenge motivation. I just couldn’t care and every time we were ‘going in the past’ (in the restaurant with that awful…

  • Sick



    Score : 7.5/10 ✅

    I enjoyed it. Arguably a fun take on the slasher genre.

    Viciously violent, minimalist, straight to the point, heavily Covid-related, and ferociously bloody. There’s also a large success in terms of delivering a wild cat-and-mouse experience. Overall, I’m satisfied and I’ll recognize that Sick was actually pretty good.

    I just wish the movie was a bit less dark. I get it if it's by design (because we are in the woods) and the house has almost…

Popular reviews

  • Men



    Score : 9.2/10 ✅

    Damn me for liking this too much but I can’t help it, weird movies are definitely my thing.

    We could argue that Men is obviously a depiction of toxic masculinity and mansplaining but it goes a little deeper here. I sincerely think it’s about understanding the vulnerability of being a women in all its aspects, from having an impression of being followed to getting disrespect about certain things that men’s don’t value as meaningful to ultimately…

  • Riceboy Sleeps

    Riceboy Sleeps


    Score : 9.2/10 ✅

    You keep saying sorry, but you’re not sorry. You not sorry even a little bit.

    Easily one of the best movies of 2023 that I had the pleasure to watch and do you want to know what’s the frustrating part? How it’s casually slipping under everyone’s nose. Anthony Shim directed this movie with the highest form of the words: tenderness, authenticity, vulnerability, and self-discovery. It goes beyond the obvious and delivers an astonishing quiet, painful yet…