Cinderella ★★★

Score : 6.1/10 ✅

Oh my god the hate, so much hate and negativity, pessimism at its peak. Yes, I understand that Cinderella (2021) is not a great movie, that if you are here to see something revolutionary in terms of musical, you’ll find almost nothing to make it worth your time but calling it the worst thing ever made is seriously laughable, those reviews are out of their mind.

Cinderella (2021) caught me by surprise by how watchable it was, it’s beautiful to look at and if you can embrace the cheesiness and the corny humour, I can see this modern take of the popular princess be in your good graces. There’s a lot to criticize here, but you can’t take away the energy and the fun out of the movie, it’s really omnipresent and I have a feeling those who are willing to get on board with this silly yet super amusing musical are going be the biggest winners.

As a huge fan of Pierce Brosnan, it’s cool to see him doing this comedic/serious role as the King, he’s easily the best part and one of the many reasons why I found the movie fairly enjoyable. Even if I’m mostly positive about it, I can’t avoid the bad since it was really on my face (speaking of face, that James Corden huge face was the scariest thing of 2021 😬).

To be honest, most of the musical numbers completely fall flat and felt uninspired, the screenplay was weird and I felt the movie was 15 minutes longer than it should be, considering it's the fourth (I think?) time we've done a Cinderella live-action film. It doesn’t help too that Camila Cabello is not an actress, we are forced to follow her throughout the entire thing doing lip sync along with an attempt to acting, it kind of become tiresome really fast.

In the end, there’s nothing much that is fresh to see if you are looking for something new to this retelling tale, but if you are willing to accept that without having any high expectations, Cinderella (2021) is safe enough to excuse yourself killing 2 hours while waiting your mom comeback with the groceries from Costco.

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