No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive ★★½

Score : 5/10 ✅

From the horror book of the same name, No One Gets Out Alive was probably awaited by its fans to see if the adaptation was worth the shot, unfortunately I didn’t read the original novel but the question remains: does the movie delivers on being this scary, eerie and frightening horror feature? I’ll go with a yes and a no, I tend to lean towards the ‘No’ since this film didn’t scare or even made me feel anything but I still think it was well-done in some department.

My biggest problem here is the lack of intensity the film was giving me, the film wants me to feel anxious for Ambar (Christina Rodlo) but I just couldn’t get on board with that, the level of creepiness was both at its highest and lowest level here but never reach that satisfying degree that I desired. Christina Rodlo is really good here; she’s making sure to give a decent performance on a not-so-decent horror film and because of her, it elevated my experience.

Sure, that final third act is completely odd, wicked and unexpected and it’s probably where all my positives are going to go, the movie kind of half-redeem itself by that point but the damaged was already done to truly enjoy it as a whole and I thought it was not particularly interesting enough to think about it afterwards.

No One Gets Out Alive reminds me of His House (2020) from also Netflix, they are really different but they’re both about immigration and struggles of starting a new life, I personally prefer His House (2020) for multiple reasons but I’m starting to believe we’re about to see a ton of ‘immigration horror’ in the next few years.

Oh well, I see good reviews left and right, which is a good thing but I sincerely didn’t like this movie that much, this is the perfect watch-and-forget horror movie of 2021 and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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