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  • The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

    The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love


    “well… unshelter me”

    in this moment i can’t for the life of me recall a more singularly charming teen rom com, regardless of how low budget and silly it might be. really wish i had discovered this on accident while flipping through channels when i was younger but annoyingly could barely even find it this week when i finally sought it out. this is so so so so so so CUTE

  • Margaret



    a grueling but unexpected look at how trauma can inspire extreme waves of selflessness and selfishness. maybe it’s about this, and many other things too, making clear philosophical arguments while also leaving so much room for interpretation that its trajectory is often skating on the edge of aimless discomfort. a coming of age story so crushingly intimate until it pulls back and reveals how insignificant coming of age actually is. often lisa is the focus of a scene but the…

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  • Moonlight



    boyhood: who are you?
    moonlight: i'm you but stronger in every possible way

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    rooney mara absentmindedly adding "good luck with your... video game" after verbally ripping his ass to shreds in front of an entire restaurant is EASILY one of the best lines of dialogue in the last decade of cinema