13th ★★★★½

this week i’ve been thinking a lot about ways in which i could help. i can’t do or give as much as some can, but i do have this platform on a site that i dearly love, and i intend on using it for a moment to try and help:

here is a great resource of blm information and places to sign and donate overall to learn more and help. here is a google doc link to many petitions, places to donate, and even numbers and emails. this is a site where you can split donations among up to 60 different bail funds for protesters, other services and centers. this fund helps black trans protesters with resources, medical care and bail. and here is a link of funds that reclaim the block would like people to check out and donate to because they’ve gotten so many donations 

finally, i just donated to the disability justice mutual aid fund in honor of my upcoming birthday if anyone would like to donate what you can or simply share the link on social media. here is a tweet with more donation info for that fund

i’m going to leave the comments section open to anyone for the moment if you’d like to use this space to post links to more petitions, funds and resources. i’ll try to monitor the comments myself in hopes of keeping it a respectful and resourceful space. sending love to you all, please be safe

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