Green Book

best picture showcase: film #5 (kinda sorta)

“you're a prick, you know that?”

the best picture nominee equivalent of watery, room temperature oatmeal. this was so incredibly dull that it baffles me how far something like this can get when such unique, bold and innovative movies have come out in the same year. there have even been much better safe and easily accessible comfort movies this year as well, but somehow this is one of 2018’s so called highlights? have people been watching this blindfolded?

sure, it’s somewhat harmless, but it bothers me so because it lacks in almost every way: uninspiring, uninteresting, undeserving. i’m tempted to give it half a star, but bumped it up because mahershala ali truly brings his a-game to every role he plays. otherwise, this brings me nothing but exhaustion. we can do better than this, we owe ourselves that much

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