Halloween ★½

“happy halloween, michael”

the thing about the original that’s drawn people in for 40 years is how well it’s crafted: the music, the specific angles and the way the camera swings around. the tension and the mystery of it. but like so many before and after it, this one genuinely great movie fell victim to franchising, which always waters the original down if the rest are compared to it

but honestly? my biggest issue here is my complete lack of interest in michael myers himself: in the original, the mystery works for a single movie, but a lot of that is still due to how well rounded that film came out. the character himself however is still so one-note that i couldn’t get into this at all. in the 1978 version, he was just scary enough for the one movie. but this kind of particular slasher character loses steam fast with me. and this new movie isn’t that good on its own anyways: the plot is lifeless and the dialogue choppy. laurie has a few decent scenes near the end, but by then it’s already too late for me

sorry to all the die hards that are having a good time with this one. if you enjoy michael myers, i’m glad. but for me, he is not the one

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