Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ★★★★

(part of the harry potter weekly double feature)

i have such a complicated relationship with this movie. fun fact: 11 year old lucy left the theater after the midnight screening and started crying out of sheer disappointment! that’s how much i love the book, and they left so much of the book out of the movie that it blindsided me at the time. but to be fair, the book is massive compared to the first three, and this does it’s best to bring the first dark cloud of the series finally ominously wafting in during the final act. the script isn’t my favorite at all though, a lot of the humor missing something and a lot of the most important moments lacking depth. however, over the years we’ve been working on our relationship and i’m finally in a good place to enjoy it for what it is. except harry’s hair. who’s fucking idea was that

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