Jennifer's Body ★★★★½

“i just got aquamarine on dvd. it's about this girl who’s like, half-sushi. i guess she has sex through her blowhole or something”

literally the film of a century not only was this ahead of its time but we should be teaching this in film classes like what was brought to the table here was just extraordinary and otherworldly and what was done here should be recognized worldwide as a feat in cinema and i think we should be thanking them for it and this month is the 10 year anniversary i think. megan fox turned in the performance of her career with this one and amanda is stellar as usual. why are classics recognized as classics when this exists. it’s simply misunderstood and if you don’t get it maybe it isn’t for you. and i think it was ahead of its time for some people??? thanks

edit: my bad i was drunk. i was still correct though!

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