Suspiria ★★★½

“you’ve all waited long enough”

after considering it for most of today, i’ve realized this is already growing on me. i was pretty unaffected at first, only really reacting to the most grotesque scenes (a positive reaction of course). it feels way too long and some of it feels unnecessary, but it held my attention throughout even though i was exhausted all day today

the last 30 minutes make it worthwhile for me. some good blood and gore can win me over almost every time. i’m gonna leave it at 3 and a half stars for now however because if i rate it any higher jacob is gonna call me a liar: to be fair, i was bitching about it a lot today when i was tired and trying to figure out how i felt about it. but it sits better with me now that i’m thinking of it as just being a fun movie to spend a few hours with. i’m interested to see how i feel on my eventual rewatch

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