“don’t try to understand it”

very few filmmakers in the world have as much creative control as christopher nolan does on this scale, and when this ended that became abundantly clear. the reason being because this final edit is so incoherent that not only does it take research afterwards to fully figure out, but the sound mixing drowns out most of the dialogue completely. not that the dialogue is very helpful to begin with, it only added to the confusion for me in most scenes where i could even make out the words. after some reflection i think i like and kind of understand the plot, but i think the way he wrote the script (especially the dialogue) was ridiculously all over the place

i wonder if nolan has no one to tell him how incoherent this was, or he just doesn’t care and has finally reached the ultimate level of blockbuster pretentiousness that he’s been headed towards for well over a decade now. either way, i can only see two outcomes to this as a viewer in the moment: shake it off and forget about it and how needlessly convoluted it was, or dig deeper and try to understand and see if the digging is even worth it. i’m gonna do the latter, because this year has already been such a mess and deprived us all of so many movie experiences that i don’t mind putting a little extra time into just one. i’ve never been so excited to rewatch a movie with subtitles on

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