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“love has limits”

for one, the burning of letters signifies regret, and maybe even growth in the direction of selflessness. and for another, it signifies moral decay, the choosing of one path with no way back. this is your life now, you’ve all made your bed and now you have to lie in it

it would be one thing if i was just entertained or emotionally affected by this movie, but i think it’s probably my favorite screenplay of the year. the more i see it, the more i uncover. abigail first only longs for safety and still has room to be kind: later she sacrifices her kindness for the ultimate station of safety, but now luxury is included in the price. sarah is too used to the safety, but doesn’t really need it: she takes anne for granted, their relationship so up and down that she sometimes goes too far in her political power plays and hurts the person she should be helping to make the plays herself. and anne just wants to be loved: from day to day, she just tries to make it through. with sarah, she was kept in the dark about the politics, but with abigail she’s left confused and uncared for as well. at least sarah cared for her, but now it’s too late

i’m starting to think this might be one of the most purposeful and brilliant love triangles ever constructed on screen

“it should not”

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