Under the Silver Lake ★★

AFI 2018: film #13

“we crave mystery ‘cause there’s none left”

completely muddled. too many little offshoot mysteries going on that never get resolved properly or even brought up again, with ambiguous metaphors attached for no good reason. andrew’s character is not enjoyable or funny to me, he’s boring and obnoxious and lazy. the puzzles he spends his time with carry no real weight and do nothing for me. i don’t hate his character, i could just care less

but for me what’s worse is the treatment of women and their bodies that looms in the air the entire film: they’re treated more like sexual objects than characters, usually naked or almost naked. the plot is still one of my biggest issues here because it doesn’t interest me at all and makes no sense from one scene to the next, but the sexism only makes things worse. i’m glad i saw it, but i kind of can’t believe it was this messy

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