best picture showcase: film #6

“so, we gonna do this thing or what?”

i can totally understand how some might like adam mckay’s style, but i doubt i could like it any less. there are some interesting moments mixed in, glimmers of captivating editing choices and some cool shots, but are surrounded by too many stupid and aimless decisions: various kinds of fonts used on the pop up texts and way too many shifts in tone, songs that end seconds after they begin. it’s jarring and aggravating to me, like popcorn stuck between two teeth

by the end, i was fuming. overall this felt like the opposite of illuminating, regardless of the real way they felt about the subject matter, all of it clouded in too much incoherent obscurity. i really couldn’t care less if adam is hailed as some kind of a fresh voice in cinema, because all i hear is white noise

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