Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★½

AFI 2018: film #14 (technically movie #3 of the fest, but a rewatch this time)

“shut your eyes, and repeat after me...”

the music is blaring but you can’t make out any of the words. the bass is thudding and the crowd is screaming. and slowly some of the characters in the crowd give in, and despite themselves start to sway to the music

i’ve finally figured out the right word for this: haunting. i’ve been taking in way too many movies at this festival this week to process them all fully, but this stuck with me like glue and i jumped at the chance to rewatch. the tone and narrative are completely unexpected but endlessly interesting to me. even the longer scenes i’m still intrigued by. the second half is the weaker section for me, but the ending is captivating. and the soundtrack (and score) are killer

but with all that said, this is most definitely going to be insufferable to some. and understandably so. but when it clicks, it clicks. do me a favor and try to go into this with an open mind (if you can handle the gun violence)

“...one for the money, two for the show...”

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