i love cinema so much it makes me fucking sick 
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Favorite films

  • Water Power
  • Water Power
  • Water Power
  • Water Power

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  • The Police Tapes


  • The Black Gestapo


  • The AGFA Horror Trailer Show


  • Savage Intruder


Recent reviews

  • Ride the Hot Wind

    Ride the Hot Wind


    the william calley fandom is dying. like and share if you love war crimes.

  • Beyond Terror

    Beyond Terror


    This Is what you call a crowd pleaser. A Surefire hit with senile hammer horror heads and eurocrime sleaze fiends alike. Irresistible Is this conflation crime cinema and supernatural horror. Think Mad Dog Killer meets Tombs Of The Blind Dead. Marketed as a drug addled bikers vs satanic zombie movie that reads like another uninspired, lame Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats conceptual album with execution of a Paul Naschy picture. You don’t have to tell me this can’t live up…

Popular reviews

  • Chainsaw Scumfuck

    Chainsaw Scumfuck

    If you’re like me and, yeah you probably are! you wasted your adolescence consuming death metal and horrible movies made by people on drugs for the price of used car. chainsaw scumfuck epitomizes this demented, precious and pussy-less age. chainsaw scumfuck is getting off your shitty pizza job at 3am on a saturday morning blasting impetigo’s "giallo" demo to keep you awake driving your dad’s lebaron to your equally brain damaged headbanger bros parent’s house to watch a 4th generation…

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    everyone who relates to this movie letterboxd puts on a watchlist. just so you know.