• Pieces



    why lynda day george forehead so damn big

  • Ride the Hot Wind

    Ride the Hot Wind


    the william calley fandom is dying. like and share if you love war crimes.

  • The Streets of L.A.

    The Streets of L.A.


    This May come as a surprise, as a genre film fan and avid letterboxd user, but I’ve been out in public with enough women to understand wether or not a man is beside them, nothing is going to stop a belligerent subhuman horn dog from harassing them. With A plot sounding like it was a carbon copy left behind from the pages of a feminist "horror story" zine; "a lone woman, lost finds her way through los angeles' roughest neighborhoods".  All…

  • The Stöned Age

    The Stöned Age


    Like Pepsi to Coke, Megadeth to Metallica, Heathcliff to Garfield. The Stoned Age commiserates the anguish of inadequacy only Van Hagar heads know. It’s Sure No Dazed And Confused, it’s a feature-length Saturday Night Live sketch, and not even a good one at that. Someone late to the party thought, let’s combine the characters from River’s Edge with an 80s teen sex comedy post Wayne’s World and Airheads and condemn it directly to video. Like an ex hardcore kid turn…

  • Dusty and Sweets McGee

    Dusty and Sweets McGee

    "You can avoid reality, but you can’t escape the consequences of avoiding reality." 

    Do as I say, don’t do as I do. Plotlessly Playing like almost every slice of life classroom scare special, this movie showcases dozens of dopers, dealers, junkies, hustlers, freaks, and losers. Making them and their heavy aestheticized lives of misery look more fashionable than the episodical youth oriented Macy’s back to school commercial known as Euphoria ever could. All of these early decade productions have that…

  • Psycho: Das Geheimnis des Phantom-Killers

    Psycho: Das Geheimnis des Phantom-Killers

    Interview on the history of dangerous encounters zine with David Kerekes over on the headpress site. Collect data and intel and build your parasocial relationship and profile of me, letterboxd user, deathtripping. 


  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    everyone who relates to this movie letterboxd puts on a watchlist. just so you know.

  • Kill the Moonlight

    Kill the Moonlight


    Truth be told in life to obtain something you’ve never had you must do something you’ve never done. In the globalized dystopia we currently reside in, daring to dream is too much to ask. The small town success story of realizing your dreams is growing more futile than the thought of materializing your dreams. Chance is dreamer. A Driver. A Winner, but more importantly a loser, a nobody who never even had the opportunity to be a somebody. If only he…

  • Uncle Goddamn

    Uncle Goddamn


    Do you remember when the phrase "found footage" wasn’t reduced to to first time filmmakers thinking they’re Fred Vogel or a clip show hosted by spastic man children career comic book guys?

    Of Course you don’t. Back in a time when you had to put in effort to see the depraved, deranged, and disgusting things you have access to in seconds at the tip of your fingers now, you HAD to put work in. Work involving meeting a guy named…

  • Trail of Blood

    Trail of Blood

    Think about white people and their obsession with true crime. Think Beyond the bored housewives with daytime investigation discovery on in the background while they sink into valium delirium, or mousey and virginal last podcast on the left girl stans paranoid any man who comes near them is going to decapitate and skullfuck them, or even Peter Sotos and his collecting hard evidence of the kind of information we feel guilty leaving in our search history in a pre-Internet society…

  • They Eat Scum

    They Eat Scum


    Nostalgia is a disease and we’re all down with the sickness. The Romanticization of golden age nyc and the lower east side in the 80s is a polished spotty memory for the good times and nothing else, like our affinity for classic cars without the critical honesty of their poor fuel economy and unreliable ignition systems in daily use. No, We only remember what we want to or have been led to. Like your first time seeing the dead boys,…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    talk about exploiting mental illness. 
    this motherfucker killed his sister back in 1963 and has been slashing sluts for 4 decades since. and people say the incel phenomenon is a modern one. 
    smh do your research sweetie 

    laurie & michael. it’s complicated… 
    the myers - strode love affair is one that 
    goes further back than carpenters hairline