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  • Encino Man

    Encino Man


    blast from the past meets george of the jungle. 
    is the criteria for every fraser flick that his character be a total fish out of water?

  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II

    Hellbound: Hellraiser II


    listen, nothing has nor will anything ever go harder than this. julia is always just fucking gross, and never gets attractive no matter what decade i’m watching this in. unkle frank is zaddy and could do better.....(pick me pls, i wanna makeout with hetero freddy mercury in hell) how bout that torture plank that jumps outta the mattress at the end? where’s the pinball machine for this movie??!!

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  • Dead Heat

    Dead Heat


    who wore a giant rotting meat carcass better? leonardo dicaprio in the revenant OR zombie detective extraordinaire roger mortis?? think long before you answer!! 
    this movie came out the year i was born and i am honored to share 1988 with dead heat’s wild ass

  • Shrunken Heads

    Shrunken Heads


    wow, once this thing hits the 30 minute mark: all bets are off. what seems to be a kids movie takes a wild turn reminiscent of spawn, and when i say that the shrunken head of a murdered child pseudo motor boats the breasts of a 15 year old girl & that ISN’T the weirdest thing about this movie, you gotta believe me.