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  • Hot Rod Rumble

    Hot Rod Rumble


    The '50s must have been the best time to be a teenager (with the '80s at a close second if all the movies I watch are to be believed). I love all the stuff about "car clubs" and can't help but root for the guy as literally everyone in the whole fuckin town talks shit to his face when they think he murdered a dude. The actual racing is the least interesting thing going on here.

  • Dreamscape



    This is one of those movies I've been meaning to watch for forever now and I'm disappointed to say it doesn't live up to the poster at all.

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    I hated this book. Author Gillian Flynn seems to have never heard the idiom "show don't tell." And yet somehow, despite also writing the screenplay, this is still an excellent movie. There are times when the dialog really took me out of the film, but it never gets anywhere near as awful as the dialog in the book where everyone talks like they're on an episode of Full House run through an internet meme filter and given an R rating.

  • Angel Heart

    Angel Heart


    I never realized I wanted to see Lisa Bonet naked until it was already happening.