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  • Another Gay Movie

    Another Gay Movie

    Proof that the gay community has achieved true equality in the arena of god-awful embarrassingly asinine comedies. Scrapes right through the bottom of the barrel. If you're thinking of watching, abort! Abort! Avoid at all costs.

  • Class of 1999

    Class of 1999


    As someone who was a high school student in 1999, and also as a former high school teacher, I can say that this depiction of urban youth is about 95% accurate. That missing 5% accounts for the abundance of spandex in this movie. That never panned out for some reason.

    This loose sequel to Class of 1984 turns the tables on the original's scenario and pushes it into a near-future sci-fi dystopia. In a high school where gang activity runs…

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  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    The apotheosis of Fulci. A doorway to hell, a vortex of evil, mangling both the flesh of those who seek it and the logic of reality nearby. Fulci has always been obsessed with eyes, vision, and seeing the forbidden (even metatextually). Some things are not meant for men's eyes, and come at the price of sanity. This is a study of ignorance and a study of blindness - ignorance of the fact that you've transgressed against primal boundaries and blindness…

  • Wake Wood

    Wake Wood


    Hammer's second horror feature since their revival continues their streak of strong films that just fall short of being memorable. Let Me In was a surprisingly inoffensive remake that unfortunately neutered (ha ha) one of the most subtle elements of the source material. The more recent Daniel Radcliffe vehicle The Woman in Black was an enjoyable piece of atmospheric horror that retread some pretty well-worn ground. It's nice to have what's shaping up to be a production house capable of…