The Panic in Needle Park

The Panic in Needle Park ★★★★

If you want gritty New York it doesn't get much grittier than this. If you thought trainspotting is a hardcore movie about heroine then you need to see this. The scene where you see the needles going into the guys vein still gives me the willies. The movie is just so raw it seems so real. Pacino made some of his best stuff in the early 70's. Every character he portrayed in these movies like this and Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico are just exquisite. Watching him recite dialogue and then react to the lines being said back to him is the absolute definition of acting. The story is really heartbreaking in the end. Watching Kitty Winn's character really deteriorate is hard to watch but oh so satisfying when it comes to watching that kind of performance. In fact I think she almost outshines Pacino towards the end. Overall a great gritty New York movie. The kind of movie you expect from the early 70's that unfortunately don't seemed to be made anymore. 8/10

Quick side note I just realized Marcia Jean Kurtz from Dog Day Afternoon was also in this in a great small supporting role.

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