Stalker ★★★★½

It's wrong to call Stalker a movie. It's a piece of art, a rewarding experience.

It's a deep film about amongst others human desires, conscious and subconscious minds . The idealist Stalker believes that your innermost desires will come true on visiting the room. The Writer opines that those are "desires" are a reflection of your subconscious mind - using the case of Porcupine as an example. They may show your true self, that you are not as noble as you claim. On the other hand, the Professor wants to destroy the room.

We don't self reflect, we don't know who we are, what we want. There are lots of lots of philosophical discussion which everyone must watch. Trying to describe them will be futile.

Top class cinematography. Each frame is a like a painting. However, I felt the movie was bit long and pace was challenging during the shots of the tunnel, meat grinder.

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