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  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Blade Runner looks absolutely stunning, and particularly its visual design and lighting are impeccable - creating this futuristic world that is strikingly spectacular. Having read Philip K. Dick's novel prior, I can't help but poke holes in the plot though, besides the final last 20 minutes - where Scott's ability to direct such a tense chase but also capture the emotional core of his androids lifts this film up. Scott didn't read Dick's novel even after choosing to adapt it;…

  • Titanic



    So many iconic scenes, but James Horner's score is everything. Finally saw this in the right place and time (in good ol' 70mm with a full audience), and while it drags in its 2nd act (how long did we have to see that boat sink?), the first act where we see Winslet and DiCaprio play with their characters and their relationship is magnificent. The scale of this spectacle is also immense and it still looks brilliant after 20 years - so that's definitely saying something about its ability to age well, despite its occasional saccharine plot and dialogue.

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  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    "Put a label on my head so you know what its like/
    to live a life not knowing what a normal life's like."

    A modest film, yet Short Term 12 is charming, funny, heartfelt and poignant at the same time - packing the incredible performance of Brie Larson to create one of my favourite films of the year. There is just a big, fat heart that this film encompasses, and the well-developed characters and naturalism to the plot assists in…

  • Her



    "Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. It's like a socially acceptable form of insanity."

    How do I begin to describe Her? The first word that pops in my head is 'beautiful'. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at, with its contrasting levels of darkness and sci-fi qualities of lights and cities. The characters are all brilliantly written.. they are well-developed, and all envelop a flaw that makes humanity what it is, yet in that respect - are…