The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★½

a nice spoiler free (i think..) review:
I never really enjoy movies with explicitly sexual themes, it’s something that often makes me uncomfortable but honestly, this has such a Gone Girl vibe that I simply loved it.

It was funny, erotic, mysterious, violent, it looks and sounds beautiful. That one sex scene with that music? Magical. I was enthralled by what often makes me look away because I felt there was so much love. And that was only halfway through, the next half? Fucking crazy.  It's honestly so hard to review this giving zero clues because I want to talk about everything!!!

Wonderful directing, curious how this was also male-gazey but maybe I didn't mind it because the story was really good?? (adapted from Sarah Water's work) I don't know. Don't expect it to have 0 issues. Really nice rhythm, score, cinematography, and acting.

"stop shoving small things in my hand!!!" oscar-worthy

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