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  • Metropolitan



    I once won a bridge tournament, on accident. This happened more than ten years ago, probably twelve or thirteen, when I was still in high school. This friend of mine is a little odd (like all my friends), because he plays bridge, and he's really good at it. He's part of the Dutch national youth team and flies out to international events and stuff. He practises every Saturday with some other people, including his father and older brother, at his…

  • The Player

    The Player


    Mill is a Hollywood producer who listens to screenwriters' pitches all day every day, deciding which select few will get made into movies. Mill begins receiving death threat postcards from an anonymous screenwriter he rejected. He determines disgruntled writer Kahane must be behind the postcards. Their confrontation turns deadly indeed, but not for Mill. After covering up the murder, Mill begins an affair with Kahane's girlfriend June, but he's still being sent postcards.

    (Spoiler ahead) — Importantly, we as viewers…

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  • Black Death

    Black Death


    A film featuring Sean Bean and a necromancer, and they didn't even use this golden opportunity to kill Sean Bean twice?

    Part of the September & October 2023 Hooptober X challenge; 9th out of 31 films.

    6 countries [UK] (6/6)
    8 decades [2010s] (6/8)

    2 post apocalyptic or natural disaster related films (1/2)
    1 film with Robert Englund (0/1)

    1 something is underground film (1/1)

    3 Satan/Devil centred films (1/3)

    1 Amicus film (0/1)

    1 the worst, unseen, accessible Dracula film (1/1)…

  • Vampyr



    100-word review: "What an incoherent mess this is, it must be me who's dumb I guess..." is what I was thinking throughout, until I read other reviews from critics who clearly enjoy Vampyr more than I did, but also point out the non-sensical narrative. Carl Theodor Dreyer has been 'love it' or 'hate it' for me every time so far, and this was no exception, falling into the latter category unfortunately; I can usually stand foreign 1930s black-and-white picture's pacing,…

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  • The Piano

    The Piano


    100-word review: Mute pianist Ada has been married off to New Zealand landowner Alisdair. After Alisdair trades Ada’s piano for a stretch of land with the Maori-friendly Baines, she begins to ‘buy’ it back from Baines through ‘piano lessons’ (intimacy). Almost unimaginable this was directed by a woman, because Ada’s change of faith towards her abuser — icky in how offensively little it was questioned. Don’t think it would’ve been received well if it had a male director, and for…

  • The Conformist

    The Conformist


    Few things are as frustrating as loving all the technical aspects (and even more than just that) of a film, and still not enjoying it. That’s exactly what happened here. The Conformist follows Marcello Clerici, an Italian fascist flunky, as he inadequately tries to assassinate his anti-fascist former professor by order of his employer the Organization for Vigilance and Repression of Anti-Fascism.

    In terms of cinematography and its colour palette, The Conformist is an exquisite picture; both elements establish the…