Blue Caprice ★★½

Sixteenth watch of Noir-Vember. In 2002, several American cities were terrorised through a series of sniper attacks that killed a dozen people. This is the shooters’ story. Blue Caprice plays out like an origin-story, but not a superhero themed one for a change. We see a sixteen years old boy being raised through adolescence by a ‘father’ who by means of a strongly manifested power relation begins to employ his ‘son’ as the slaughtering tool that he needs to realise his dystopian fantasy. It makes for an interesting manner of storytelling, because the killings never actually take centre stage (the majority of the shootings are stuffed in the last twenty minutes or so); instead, Blue Caprice focuses its attention on giving a face and a narrative to the ‘heartless’ or ‘soulless’ individuals behind these murders. By marginalising the crimes, however, the movie not only gets morally ambivalent, but also a tad boring at times. Lastly, this featured the first ‘5 months later’-end-scene that actually added something valuable to the overall experience of the film that I have ever seen.

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