Foxcatcher ★★★

Bennett Miller be like: “We must make Steve Carell’s nose preposterously big, otherwise nobody will believe him as John du Pont…” Or has this make-up interference just been all about receiving an extra Oscar nomination and potential win in the Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling category? Whatever the case may be, Foxcatcher is a thrilling portrait of a fragile persona; one who must lean on others to feel a sense of worth and who goes very far in assuring they’ll deliver him the success he’s craving for. Deserved Oscar nominations, although I’d like to see Mark Ruffalo’s nomination replaced with the more subdued and offbeat, but so much the more gripping, performance of Channing Tatum (it may be said). As grim as its grey colour-palette, Foxcatcher is a stylish (period) piece that, almost without any soundtrack, broils and broils under one’s skin in a discomforting fashion. We sympathise with Steve Carell, we despise him and, mostly, we pity him. In the end, however, it doesn’t matter that much what we may (or may not) think of him. definitely a film that will grow on me.